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Quality Mangement


The plane has been made in order to establish an overall requirement of the Quality Control activities to be performed by SHC for her projects and construction. SHC through its Project Manager, QC Manager and supporting staff proposes to ensure that the construction complies with the contract specifications and requirements.
YEGC is responsible for the Quality Control and shall establish and maintain an effective Quality Control System in compliance with the Specification Section 01400 Quality Control.
The plan describes a Team and Method of Quality control for the successful performance, and shall cover all construction operations, both ON and OFF-SITE, and shall be the key to the proposed construction procedure.

1.2.1. This procedure provides a system to assure, control and maintain the quality

1.2.2. The contractor will establish a control system sufficient to ensure conformance

1.2.3. The Quality Control System for the actual work will be specifically dealt with in of the overall project activities for procurement and fabrication, field construction of the “Contracted Project” including inspection, installation, testing and control procedure, records and forms to be used in order to ensure proper and effective function and to meet the Client’s standards and the inter-relation of Q.C. responsibilities based on the contract. The use of the Inspection and Test Plan will define the extents and limits of the applicable specifications and drawings with respect to material, workmanship, fabrication finish and functional performance.

Full appreciation of the following elements:
a. Define what shall be controlled.
b. Establish control level and criteria.
c. Take actual measurements.
d. Compare actual control.
e. Identify deviation.
f. Take proponent preventive and corrective action.
g. Feedback and follow up.

1.2.4. The philosophy of Q.C. system shall be based on consideration of the safety of the plan operation under the various design condition, therefore, it will logically be directed mainly towards:
a. Material fabrication and construction.
b. Strength of material and structures. c. Dimensional relationship. d. Basic configuration.
e. Method of Fabrication and erection.

1.2.5. The Contracting Officer will notify the Contractor of any detected non-compliance with the foregoing requirements. The Contractor / Quality Control.

a. All permanent Materials & Equipment delivered to the project stock yard shall be reported and inspected for compliance with the specification and as per Material Approval Request by the personnel of Quality Control Staff and will be recorded in the Material Receiving Report. Materials and equipment approved by the QC Department and the Consultant will be delivered to the site for installation.

b. The inspection work shall be supervised by Contractor’s Site Engineers as required by the contract.

c. Site laboratory shall perform all necessary tests on site or any additional tests required by the consultant and all on-site laboratory testing shall be approved by the Consultant.

d. Section Chiefs are responsible to supervise the site. Contractor’s Superintendent shall be responsible for overall control/ co-ordination.

e. No materials shall be used or be installed into the project unless approved by the Consultant.